Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nias Island

  • Bawomataluo - the most well-known and accessible of all the southerly villages on the island of Pulau Nias, and perched rather precariously upon a hillside. Tourism has recently arrived in Bawomataluo and souvenir sellers will likely compete for your business. The views of nearby Orihili's rooftops are quite impressive, as are the occasional war dances and stone jumping performances. 
  • Botohili - a small and appealing hillside village situated on the peninsula of Pantai Lagundri. Rows of traditional houses make up the landscape of Botohili, while close by, Hilimaeta and Lagundri are also worth a look. 
  • Gomo- lying within the central highlands and close to a number of traditional village attractions. The Gomo area is perhaps best known for its ancient menhir monoliths and stone carvings, which are reputed to date back more than 3,000 years and are to be found in Lahusa Idanotae, Tetegewo and Tundrumbaho.
  • Hilinawalo Mazingo- a remote village with one main attraction, the Chieftan's House (Omo Hada), which is used as a meeting place for no less than seven surrounding villages. Pantai Sorake / Teluk Lagundri- located alongside Lagundri Bay and famed for its strong waves, perfect for keen surfers. At the beach of Pantai Sorake, the surfing season falls between June and October.

  • Teluk Dalam- a hectic port town, which features a good choice of shops and banks, and handy connections to outlying beaches.

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