Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tips Of Asthma

For a comprehensive report on asthma inWisconsin, see the recently released:
  • Asthma is an illness that causes wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. More than 3,000 young people are hospitalized every year in Wisconsin with asthma. Pets, molds, pollen, and cockroaches can trigger asthma. Smoke, chemicals, ozone, and exhaust fumes can also trigger asthma.  More information on asthma in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Asthma Program at the Department of Health Services can be found at the “new” asthma website. 
Tipsfor People with Asthma:
  • If a person with asthma is allergic to cats or dogs, the family pet may need to be removed from the home. At least keep pets out of the person’s bedroom.
  • Consider adding a high efficiency air filter to your heating system.
  • Control humidity. Keep the humidity below 50% and fix moisture problems. This will reduce dust mites, molds and mildew.
  • Reduce air pollutants like smoke, solvents, and pollen in your home.
  • Get rid of cockroaches by carefully cleaning (especially in the kitchen) and removing trash every day. Use pesticides as a last resort.
  • Damp mop, damp dust, and vacuum often. Use mattress and pillow covers. Remove carpets, drapes, books, stuffed animals, and feather or down pillows and covers from the bedroom. Wash bedding once a week using hot water to kill dust mites.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Home Theater Furniture Ideas

HomeTheater Furniture that fits with your lifestyle will make your time to enjoywatching movie in comfortable. If you are planning to design your own hometheater design or having a DIY home theater design, it's important to choosethe best home theater furniture that fits with your personality.

 Hometheater furniture for seating

Choosethe best style for seating furniture, sofa with leather or else, whatever thematerial that used for the sofa, you should ensure that the seating furnitureare comfortable.

 Modern Table for home theater furniture
 A home theater usually doesn't need a bigtable, small table with modular steel and glass is the best table, Here is thefigure.

 Tablefor home theater furniture

Storagefurniture and decoration
 Home theater need more storage, use a cabinetor shelves to store CDs, and all your movie collection. Use also a rug in frontof the sofa, sometime we can use the rugs for relaxing while enjoy the movie.

 Storagehome theater furniture and decoration

GazeboPlans for your Garden

Gazeboplans are used for completing your garden with a small building that can beused for rest while enjoying your garden, there are a lot of information aboutgazebo plans on internet, most of the sources of the information tell you abouthow to build, installing, or designing a gazebo.

GazeboPlans Installation

 Installing a gazebo in your yard or garden isthe perfect way to create a welcoming retreat for family and friends to enjoythe scenery and lounge outdoors. Depending on your garden's style, there ismore than likely a variety of gazebo designs that will suit your style,landscape and pocketbook. The subsequent article discusses gazebo installationand design to suit any garden style.

 The most commonly found gazebo designsresemble Victorian style structures; these are generally built from wood thatcan be left natural or painted white typically. This type of style is stillpopular in both public and private gardens. Kits can readily be found at homeimprovement and garden centers. Of course, an enterprising builder can evendesign a plan to perfectly suit the setting. Victorian style gazebos may besimple affairs with floor, railings and roofs or highly ornate with built-inbenches, stairs and ramps. These designs are generally open-air structures butit is possible to incorporate screens for those areas with significant mosquitopopulations.

 Many Victorian style gazebos also featureclimbing plants. For example, the gazebo's base may be constructed withlattice-work which is the perfect support for English ivy or climbing roses.When settled within the garden, this becomes the perfect backdrop for anysetting. For a romantic and secluded arrangement, consider installing talltrellises around the gazebo and hang baskets of flowers from hooks along thegazebo's rim. This style is perfectly adapted to formal English style gardensor rustic country landscapes.

 For Oriental gardens, consider outfitting youryard with a pagoda-style gazebo. The wood could be left natural or paintedblack and red and then heavily lacquered for dramatic effect. There are manyOriental garden ornaments and plants to select to surround your gazebo for anoverall great effect. Consider suspending hanging lanterns around the opensections of the pavilion or installing a small garden pond nearby filled withChinese goldfish. A strictly formal garden can always incorporate a Victorianstyle gazebo, but consider one made from brick or even stone. Such constructionmaterials will be more costly, but they will also endure the elements quitewell and add a stately charm to any formal estate. These gazebos could even befitted with windows to enjoy the outdoors behind glass in cold or stormyweather. This style could be built right off the house or set somewhere in thelandscape overlooking a ridge perhaps or a stream.

 Some gardeners prefer a very understated orminimalist approach when it comes to style and a gazebo need not be an ornateor overstated structure to work well. A rustic square style with four posts, afloor and a roof can provide all that is necessary to enjoy the outdoors. Suchgazebos are perfect places for outdoor entertaining. A simple set of tables andchairs along with a few lovely containers for plants and you've created awonderful outdoor room. source

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Honda Concept S

 The Honda Concept S is a production-oriented family vehicle with a one-box design and a hybrid powertrain. It will be launched globally within next year.

Like the Concept C, the Concept S has been developed with a particular attention for the Chinese market, where it will be first launched, but it will be later sold also as a global model.

The design features a one-box layout, with a flowing silhouette, a long wheelbase and a short front end, which underline the generous dimensions of the cabin.

The focus on the interior is also expressed by the low beltline which enhances passengers’ visibility and the cabin luminosity.
Concept-like elements include the distinctive wheels, with an intricate design, the sleek side view cameras and the lower fascia which spans the entire body and integrates the diamond-shaped lighting groups at the front and at the rear.
According to Honda, the “S” stands for “Stylish,” “Smart” and “Surprise.”

 The Concept S has been unveiled at the Beijing Show along with the Concept C and the NSX Concept, already seen at the past Detroit and Geneva Shows.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Foreign photographers take part in underwater photo competition

Atleast two foreign photographers were among some 50 colleagues from Indonesia inunderwater photo-taking competition in Banda islands from April 25-30, 2010.

"Christian Hinckley and Hendri Tjhang of Singapore are the foreignparticipants in the undersea photo-taking competition in Banda," SailBanda local committee spokesman Cak Saimima said here on Sunday.

He said the foreign photographers and their Indonesian colleagues left Ambonfor Banda Neira on Sunday morning by MV Siwalima.

Earlier on Friday they enjoyed the undersea panoramic view at Laha village inTeluk Ambon subdistrict, while some of them explored undersea cave off thecoast of Hukurila village at Leitimur Selatan sub-district in Ambon beforeleaving for Banda on Saturday.

"The two diving sites were introduced by former Pattimura MilitaryCommander Maj Gen M Noer Muis who is currently Bukit Barisan militarycommander," Saimima said.
Saimima added that Noer Muis was the initiators of underwater photo-takingcompetition in Banda islands and would also act with Christoffel Simanjuntakand Edy Purnomo as the juries.

"The former Pattimura Military commander has promised to promote underseanatural beauty of Maluku, found nowhere else in the world," Saimima said,adding that the underwater photo competition was part of Sail Banda which wasscheduled to last from June 17 to August 17, 2010.

Meanwhile, Noer Muis said the participants of the photo competition took theirleisure time to go diving at the two separate locations in Laha and Hukurila onFriday and Saturday before leaving for Banda.

"The best pictures in the undersea photo-taking competition in Banda willbe published in the book on "Exploring Banda Islands" which is beingarranged," Nore Muis said.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tips Of Asbestos

Asbestos is used in heating insulation, pipe wrap,floor tiles, slate siding, slate shingles, and ceiling tiles. Asbestos isharmful when it is damaged and fibers enter the air. Breathing air thatcontains asbestos fibers over several years can increase your risk of lungcancer.
Tips onAsbestos:
  • If you think you may have asbestos in your home, contact a certified asbestos inspector to find out what actions are needed.
  • Don’t try to remove asbestos by yourself. Only trained professionals should do this work.
  • If asbestos is present and in good condition, it may be best to manage it without removal.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ambon Mayor welcomes Swiss Bel Hotel`s opening

AmbonMayor Jopi Papilaja has welcomed the operation of Swiss Bel Hotel in the city,saying it would lift the image of Maluku`s provincial capital.

"The presence of Swiss Bel managed by an interantional hotel network willboost the image of Ambon as a modern city worth visiting," he said at aceremony marking the official opening of the hotel dubbed "Pearl ofAmbon" here on Monday.

He admitted the investor had initially hesitated to build the hotel in the cityin 2005 but after being persuaded by the local government and promised specialfacilities, they finally agreed to carry out the project.

"I once even reminded them to finish it quickly so that it could belaunched before I complete my tenure," he said.

He said the presence for the first time of a five-star hotel increased thenumber of star-rated hotels in the region following the Aston Natsepa a yearago.

"Swiss Bel and Aston will improve the image of Ambon as a secure place andworth visiting by both domestic and foreign tourists," he said.

The presence of the hotels demonstrated the seriousness of investors to boostdevelopment of the city after being ravaged by social conflict in 1999.

Papilaja expressed appreciation to the management of the Swess Bel Hotel thathad helped promote Ambon and Maluku through the hotel`s network.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Small Bathroom Design Ideas for 2012 Modern Homes

Smallbathroom design ideas for 2012 modern homes, I found several gallery of smallbathroom ideas from best home gallery small bathrooms. I think all of thebathrooms on that site were great and suitable for 2012 modern homes. Small bathroomsexpect a lot of ingenuity to alter, especially if you want to make them look asopen as workable, coin storeroom seat, and still have all the desirableamenities.

 Smallbathroom design ideas

Somany newer houses were planned with impossibly small bathrooms to use as muchstun region as likely for other quarters. After all, no one surely lives in abathroom. In adult homes that were built before inside plumbing came intostyle, bathrooms were regularly constructed in closet chairs or small corners ofrooms, sandwiched in so as not to influence on other living spaces. As aproduct, many of these owners of adult homes are also selling with bathroomsthat are almost too small. However, there are behavior to model a smallbathroom so that you can maximize the scope you have and establish acomfortable part. In another part of this site, You can also read the articleabout Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Looks Bigger, remodeling ideas forsmall bathrooms, and minimalist bathroom ideas for limited space.

 The first thing many people think about whendifficult to alter a small bathroom place is to buy a stand sink which takes upfar fewer freedom than most vanities. While a dais sink looks polite and treesthe small imprints, it just isn't handy in a small bath post. After all, thecore thing that it eliminates is the storeroom place the futility offers youand actually wastes the precious area beneath the sink. Instead of puttingSmall Bathroom Design Ideas in a pedestal sink, then, you necessary to look fora compact conceit with as much storage as possible.

 Galleryof small bathroom design ideas

You might ponder an area arrogance if you have anappropriate confront to put it in, because it will take up less cube copy thana traditional rectangular pride. One habit that would give the illusion thatyour bathroom is more spacious than it really is would be to paint, paper, ortile the interim with vertical stripes. This mean will make people think thatthe ceiling is much superior when it's not. Use a light affect-idea, such aswhites or pastels, and keep stuff vital and plain. A lot of confusion andengaged patterns will tend to make the bulwark of the space close in.

Small bathroom design ideas need  an important decoration such as mirrors,Mirrors placed strategically in the room can also create the illusion of ultraspace and consider light making the area much brighter. Of course, nothing youcan do to outline a small bathroom is departing to change the truth that it'ssmall, but you can certainly devise conduct to make it look superior.

Tips On Chemical

Chemicals can enter the air in your home when youpaint, use cleaning solvents, install pressed wood, install new carpets and usenew fabrics. These chemicals can irritate your eyes, throat, and nose. High levelscan give you a headache or make you feel dizzy.

Tips onchemicals:
  • Make sure your home has lots of fresh air.
  • Use safe paints, cleaners and other products. Look for those with the fewest warnings.
  • Read labels. Some chemicals should only be used in well-vented spaces. The label may tell you if the chemicals can cause cancer or other health problems.
Factsheets of common toxic chemicals

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

AC Generation

An understanding of how an AC generator develops an AC output will help us analyze the AC power generation process.

The elementary AC generator (Figure 1) consists of a conductor, or loop of wire in a magnetic field that is produced by an electromagnet. The two ends of the loop are connected to slip rings, and they are in contact with two brushes. When the loop rotates it cuts magnetic lines of force, first in one direction and then the other.

Development of a Sine-Wave Output

Figure 1 Simple AC Generator

At the instant the loop is in the vertical position (Figure 2, 0o), the coil sides are moving parallel to the field and do not cut magnetic lines of force. In this instant, there is no voltage induced in the loop. As the coil rotates in a counter-clockwise direction, the coil sides will cut the magnetic lines of force in opposite directions. The direction of the induced voltages depends on the direction of movement of the coil. The induced voltages add in series, making slip ring X (Figure 1) positive (+) and slip ring Y (Figure 1) negative (-). The potential across resistor R will cause a current to flow from Y to X through the resistor. This current will increase until it reaches a maximum value when the coil is horizontal to the magnetic lines of force (Figure 2, 90o). The horizontal coil is moving perpendicular to the field and is cutting the greatest number of magnetic lines of force. As the coil continues to turn, the voltage and current induced decrease until they reach zero, where the coil is again in the vertical position (Figure 2, 180o). In the other half revolution, an equal voltage is produced except that the polarity is reversed (Figure 2, 270o, 360o). The current flow through R is now from X to Y (Figure 1).

Figure 2 Developing a Sine-Wave Voltage

The periodic reversal of polarity results in the generation of a voltage, as shown in Figure 2. The rotation of the coil through 360° results in an AC sine wave output.


• A simple generator consists of a conductor loop turning in a magnetic field, cutting across the magnetic lines of force.
• The sine wave output is the result of one side of the generator loop cutting linesof force. In the first half turn of rotation this produces a positive current and in the second half of rotation produces a negative current. This completes one cycle of AC generation.