Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nokia Asha 303 Price in India and Specifications Review

Till some time back only local Indian mobile companies were successfull in low cost mobile. Howeever now even Nokia has launched some of its low price smartphones in India. Nokia Asha 303 price in India at Rs. 7,800 has proven this point very rightly. Despite Nokia Asha 303 price being at low level, there is no compromise on features. In fact, Nokia Asha 303 features on certain applications are even better than its competitors in the market. Also to add more fun, Nokia Asha 303 features 3G as well 3.5G connectivity which will ensure its users have access to fast speed download from internet.

 Nokia Asha 303 price has been kept low keeping in mind demand for low cost smartphones in the market. Also this segment will bring highest growth rate in smartphones in coming period in Indian market. Usually people who have been using ultra cheap mobiles and also young professionals are main in this category.

Hence Nokia Asha 303 has both price and features matching the need of these people.

 Nokia Asha 303 features enables its customers to customise home screen by aligning location as well as style of icons. Also users can select icons which they want to keep and remove rest of them so as to maintain efficienct usage. For giving style to home screen of Nokia Asha 303, users can install screen savers and wall papers of their choice which can be from movies, games, celebrities. Another aspect which can be used to customise home screen is MP3 ringtones which can be either downloaded from net or songs from mobile can be set as ringtone.

Nokia Asha 303 price in India and specs are really attractive for its intended customers. Some of the important Nokia Asha 303 specifications are Nokia store which has huge collection of bollywood and other songs and games of different variety. All these will ensure enduring entertainment and fun to its customers anytime and anywhere without any high cost. Also users can install applications of their own choice to make it more personalised.

 In this way, Nokia Asha 303 price is highly justfied in Indian market. Also this smartphone is good buy for its target customers in the market.

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