Thursday, December 8, 2011

Electronic Brake Systems for Motorcycles

 Stability when braking is more important for motorcyclists than short stopping distance

As with cars, the primary objective when a motorcycle performs an emergency stop is to ensure that the vehicle remains stable.

 With cars, the aim is to retain steering control; but a locked-up wheel on a motorcycle will almost inevitably lead to a fall. So, sensors on the front and rear wheels calculate the speed at which the wheels are still turning while braking force is being applied and check whether a lock-up is imminent. In the latter case, the control unit will reduce the brake pressure to prevent lock-up and loss of stability and road adhesion.

A rear wheel lift-off protection system (RLP) is also available to motorcycle manufacturers as an option in addition to the basic MAB. RLP is able to detect even more sensitively – by employing, for example, a brake pressure sensor which automatically analyzes the hydraulic pressure in the braking system – whether the rear wheel is about to lift off during hard braking. In this case, the pressure in the front brake circuit is slightly reduced until the motorcycle has regained its stability.

The MAB's compact dimensions and light weight make it easier to integrate or "package" into the motorcycle's design. If the ABS unit only takes up a small amount of installation space, less adjustment is needed to the motorcycle's existing structures, to its frame, fuel tank or fairings. Size is therefore a decisive competitive criterion in addition to price – even more so with motorcycles than with cars because there is considerably less space available.

 Our Systems:
 Motorcycle Integral Brake Systems (MIB)
A control unit acts on both braking circuits in the MIB systems, with pressure being built up actively in the circuit not directly actuated via the pump.

Motorcycle Anti-lock Brake System (MAB)
The MAB offers improved braking control and thus greater driving safety thanks to optimum braking.

 Extended Control Functions:
 Rear-wheel Lift-off Protection (RLP)
In addition, the RLP function prevents the motorcycle rolling over through counter-measures such as moderate pressure modulation in the front brake.

Motorcycle Hold & Go (MHG)
Supports the motorcyclist actively in a driving-off situation on a inclining roads

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