Sunday, January 15, 2012

Regenerative Brake System

Brake and recover energy at the same time – Regenerative Brake System

A pedal feel simulator with a pedal angle sensor supplements the actuation unit. When depressing the brake pedal the simulator provides optimum pedal feel, the deceleration, however, is realised through the generator. The braking energy is converted into electric power, which is used to charge the vehicle battery.

Only if the required deceleration is not sufficient, then the conventional brake system is activated. This generates the remaining braking effect based on the driving state determined by sensors for wheel speed, yaw rate, lateral acceleration, etc.

The use of a conventional ESC unit enables the Regenerative Brake System to perform all known braking interventions and stability functions (e.g., ABS, EBV, TCS, ESC, HBA, ACC, etc.)

- Full use of the energy recovery potential
  (serial recuperation concept)
- Optimal for hybrid vehicles as well as electric and
  fuel cell vehicles
- The basic concept and the proven components of the
  conventional brake are mostly retained
- Optimum pedal feel selectable by the vehicle
- Low noise, almost no pedal vibrations in ABS mode
- Improved crash behavior
- Networking adaptability to further vehicle control

The SBA (Simulator Brake Actuation) simulator conveys optimum pedal feel to the driver at all times.

The system is ideal for all hybrid vehicles as well as electric and fuel cell vehicles.

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