Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ambon to host next sail Indonesia

Ambonmay become the site of the next annual Sail Indonesia next year.

"Next year there was a plan to organize it (Sail Indonesia) in Ambon. Itwas also suggested that the location would be in Banda Sea," Minister ofMarine and Fishery Affairs, Freddy Numberi said here Sunday.

The moving of the location of the event, he added, was aimed at improving theeconomy of other areas in the country.

He said that the economic growth of North Sulawesi following the World OceanConference/WOC) in May 2009, and the implementation of Sail Indonesia inBunaken reached 8 percent.

"Although most of the sightseers were domestic tourists, at this such anevent could at least revive the economy," Freddy added.

Therefore, he hoped Ambon would draw a lesson from Sail Bunaken, to enable thelocal government concerned to cover the shorcomings of Sail Indonesia inManado.

At least he reminded that the local administration or private circles would nothesitate to make an investment or build the necessary facilities andinfrastructure to support the anual event.

Learning from the implementation of the WOC, Freddy said, the money that hadbeen spent on the construction of facilities by the government or privatecircles may be regained by almost twofold.

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