Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bandar Lampung

  • Bandar Lampung- enjoying an elevated setting and great views across Teluk Lampung. Bandar Lampung is the region's largest city, Sumatra's fourth biggest, and also serves as the administrative capital. Attractions in Bandar Lampung are in reasonable supply and tourists will find that the most visited include the Krakatau Monument and the Lampung Provincial Museum. 
  • Gunung Krakatau - known to many as Mount Krakatoa, this volcano is perhaps the most famous on the planet. The eruptions of theKrakatoa volcano have been well documented. Today, visitors can take a boat trip around the island and only imagine the spewing lava, clouds of ash, and the devastation that this volcano has been responsible for. Kalianda - a peaceful and charming small town, with good vistas of Teluk Lampung, which is situated around 30 km / 19 miles away and to the north. Just a short excursion from Kalianda is a selection of pristine beaches and characterful fishing villages.
  • Kalianda has now become a popular weekend break destination with Jakarta locals looking for an alternative to Bali. Also close to Kalianda is the Gunung Rajabasa volcano, Wartawan Beach and its hot springs, and the islands of Pulau Sebesi and Pulau Sebuku, both of which boast great swimming and snorkelling opportunities.
  • Way Kambas National Park - a vast reserve and one of Indonesia's oldest national parks, with groups of Sumatran elephants, small numbers of the endangered Sumatran rhinos and tigers. Visitors to the Way Kambas National Park are able to join safaris, where you are led through the tropical foliage on the back of a friendly elephant. Alternatively, you can take a canoe down the meandering Sungai Way Kana, passing various riverside attractions and guest houses along the way.

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