Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hand Truck Operation

  • When loading hand trucks, keep your feet clear of the wheels
  • Do not exceed the manufacturer's load rated capacity; read the capacity plate on the hand truck if you are unsure
  • Place the load so that it will not slip, shift or fall; use the straps, if they are provided, to secure the load
  • For extremely bulky or pressurized items such as gas cylinders, strap or chain the items to the hand truck
  • Tip the load slightly forward so that the tongue of the hand truck goes under the load
  • Push the tongue of the hand truck all the way under the load that is to be moved
  • Keep the center of gravity of the load as low as possible by placing heavier objects below the lighter objects
  • Push the load so that the weight will be carried by the axle and not the handles
  • If your view is obstructed, ask a spotter to assist in guiding the load
  • Do not walk backward with the hand truck, unless going up stairs or ramps
  • When going down an incline, keep the hand truck in front of you so that it can be controlled at all times
  • Move hand trucks at a walking pace
  • Store hand trucks with the tongue under a pallet, shelf, or table

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