Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Indonesian Music Via Bali to the World

IndonesianMusic Expo 2011(IMEX) to be held on the Peninsula at Nusa Dua, Bali November7-14, 2011

(11/6/2011) The originator of the idea for the Indonesia Music Expo 2011(Imex), Franki Raden, told a press conference in Bali on Friday, November 4,2011, that Imex is intended to serve as an inspiration for traditionalmusicians to help them express themselves in the challenging internationalmusic market.

“At this point in time, Indonesian music, especially traditional ethnic music,is known internationally, but few from this sector have managed to penetratethe international market,” explained Raden. Raden is proud that his countryIndonesia has a rich variety of music and cultures, with each area of Indonesiapossesing a distinctive style of music.

“The richness of Indonesian music, from Sabang to Merauke, if counted for itsvarieties is equal to Africa, Latin America and Europe. For this reason, Imexwants to give the widest opportunity to our musical heroes to win the hearts ofthe international music buyers,” said Raden.

Franki Raden is a nationally known music critic. He is also planning to publisha guide to Indonesian music for international distribution.

The Imex event at Nusa Dua will present more than 40 musical groups, includingthe Toba Ensemble (Sumatra), Kulintang (Sulawesi), Gambang Kromong (Jakarta),Sambasunda (Bandung, West Java) and Rindik (Bali). International musiciansexpected to perform, include TLJ Alliance (U.S.A.), Hunny Madu (Malaysia), andJack Lee & SKY (Korea).

During the series of performance each evening November 7-14 from 5:00 – 10:00p.m., an exhibition of musical instruments and musical workshops will besimultaneously held. reports that international musical icon, Quincy Jones, is expectedto visit Bali on November 20, 2011, to attend Imex. Jones, an accomplishedmusician in his own right, has produced million-selling records for a number ofmusical greats including Michael Jackson. Raden told the press that Jones willcome to Indonesia to explore the wide Indonesian musical spectrum.

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