Friday, October 7, 2011

Sulawesi Dancing

GandrangBulo originally just a simple dance similar to folk dances without a layout themotion raw style of the royal palace. This dance is a dance typical Makassar tothe accompaniment of gendang beat and violins, rang merrily along with typicalsong Makassar like Sumbang Kacayya. Besides easy danced, dance supplies arealso fairly simple, just use a small bamboo. Some dancers use two pieces ofbamboo about the size of seven inches, clipped in such a way between hisfingers, then ditetakkan until delivery noise is very distinctive yetsuggestive. Half the other dancers bring two pieces of bamboo which has beendeliberately broken and chopped on the edges. When the bamboo strips arepitted, then the sound will be "prapak pak pak pak, pak pak pakprapak", the sound that evokes adrenaline dancers and spectators

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