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Selampit Delapan Dancing

Selampit Delapan Dance is a traditionaldance originating from the province of Jambi. This dance was first introducedby M. Ceylon when on duty at the Jambi Provincial Culture Department in the1970’s. Men born in Padang Sidempuan July 7, 1941 has exceptional talent in thearts, especially dance. As a good personal, friendly, and energetic makes himeasy to adapt to local culture and environment. More activities in the field ofculture struggling to make himself successfully captures the deepest messagesof the community association which is processed into a work of art calledSelampit Delapan Dance. In development, the dance was later determined to beone of the typical dances of Jambi Province. 

 Dance association was first playedby eight people using the wick stove as much as 8 rope tied to or hung in theattic. Ceylon dance named with the name “Selampit Delapan Dance” which refersto 8 straps that are used in the dance. Ceylon friend named O.K. Hendrik thensuggested to replace the wick stove with a scarf so that played dance lookedmore appealing. The proposal was approved by the Ceylon, so that in any eventstaging Dance Eight braid, scarf used as a medium of dance until now. 

By M. Ceylon, Dance braid was firstintroduced to glue the association relationship antarpemuda. Through the mediumof dance, the atmosphere of intimacy antarpemuda can be developed well. Everymovement in this dance describes the cohesiveness, and solidarity that is theguidance in daily life. In Selampit Delapan Dance contained a message about themeaning of an association, that association is based on good faith, mutualrespect, and behaved wisely. Surely this view is inseparable from thephilosophy of community life Jambi uphold the values of faith as a cornerstonein each interaction.

Selampit Delapan Dance lots shown onparty activities, like party and promotion of indigenous culture. At the partyactivities, dance is featured in the great days contained in the City and theProvince of Jambi, such as the conferment of degrees indigenous heritage, theAnniversary of Jambi, which fell in May, the Anniversary (HUT) in JambiProvince in January, and party Jambi community in commemorating the Anniversaryof Independence of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), which falls on August 17.Dancing With the braid Eight servings, activity is expected to be more festiveparty. On a large scale, this dance is displayed in cultural activities bothlocally and nationally outside Jambi Province. Dance is not uncommon even braidEight displayed as one of the media campaign Nusantara culture abroad. 

In Selampit Delapan Dance spectators canwatch the graceful movements that are served by the dancers. The dance openedwith a squat movement and play while you deliver to greet obeisance to theaudience as respect. This has become one characteristic of the Malay dances.The dancers perform the movement regards as a tribute to the audience of hiswillingness witnessed the dance offerings from start to finish. 

After delivering the greeting ofrespect, the dance continued with the core movement. Each dancer immediatelytakes the scarf that hung to further prepare for the core motion. They thenformed a circle before making a rotary motion. Slowly one by one from thedancers spin to knit a scarf, this movement is done in turns with gracefulmovements, so the scarf coalesce into a beautiful winding. After a nice blendwith the scarf, the dance movement followed by opening a knitted scarf. Hismovements were performed exactly like the early movements when making knitting.After the knitting is finished loading, then the position of the dancers backto form a circle formation scarf while playing with a regular motion andcarried to completion until the scarf back open as usual. 

Interesting dance movements increases withthe composition of colorful clothes and scarves are worn by dancers. Thedancers, amounting to 8 people (4 pairs) appear with the composition ofcolorful clothes, like blue, yellow, red, and pink scarf with a matching color.Assorted colors are beautiful looks combined with typical Malay Jambi wovensarong made of gold-embroidered silk used as a belt.

Eight dance braid can be found in thecity of Jambi, Jambi Province, Indonesia. Usually the dance featured in Jambicommunity cultural activities, such as cultural party, anniversary of the cityof Jambi, Jambi Province, as well as the Anniversary of RI. 

To get to the city of Jambi journey canbe reached by using public transportation (metro mini), taxi, or private car.If using public transportation (public transportation), the trip can be startedfrom the Sultan Taha Airport Syaifuddin proceed to Telanai Pura Jambi, Jambicity which also became the capital city of Jambi province with about 15 minutestravel time. 

Fortourists from outside the city who want to linger in the city of Jambi towitness the Dance of Eight braid, can stay at the hotel are numerous in thecity. In addition, along the road in the city of Jambi, there are manyrestaurants and restaurants serving variety of dishes typical of Jambi Malay.

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